Cybersecurity is an invisible war

Cybersecurity is an invisible war in which hackers and security experts come up with new ways to strengthen barricades and bypass them. But if you don’t work for a world-class company, then it’s unlikely that anyone will want to spend their time hacking your site. Especially if you protect it from the main hacking methods. You can learn how to create stable and secure sites in the course.According to research results, 95% of the damage caused by information security violations is caused by professional cybercriminals.

So historically, the word «hacker «is used in the sense of» computer attacker «or»cybercriminal». In movies, a hacker is usually presented as a person who can hack any system. But in most cases, we are talking about an attacker who intends to get confidential information by overcoming security systems. Thus, hackers seek to gain access to information that can be used for selfish purposes (for profit), using both their knowledge and experience gained in the course of research on automated systems, and the work of other researchers published in public access on the Internet..