special torrent files with content

The hackers created special torrent files with content that could interest the victims. The files were downloaded in the archive, and it was suggested to use a special unpacker program to open them. The program extracted the files, but at the same time installed and ran a Trojan program: Don’t search for free content, or at least do it on sites you know. Check what you downloaded: it’s strange to see a program in the archive if you downloaded a movie. Do not open suspicious files. Users received an email with an attached archive containing a Trojan program. Hackers used the technique of renaming files, as a result of which the file changed the visible extension: instead of .exe or .scr (real extensions) users have seen .jpg-fake extension . It seemed safe to open the image file.In terms of extensions (.doc) and icons, both files are similar to text documents. In fact, one of them is a program.Do not open attachments that come from unknown senders.If the message is important and you really need to open the attachment, look carefully at the contents. To do this, unpack the archive into a separate folder and select a view that shows the type of each file, or view the file properties: